By Gift Briton

The next seven days are going to be warmer than usual for most parts of East Africa, according to the latest weather forecast.

The weather forecast by the Intergovernmental Authority On Development (IGAD)’s Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC) for the period beginning August 30th to September 6th shows that hot temperatures (above 32 ℃) are expected over northern Sudan, Afar region of Ethiopia, parts of Eritrea, Djibouti, and coastal regions of north-western Somalia.

Temperatures in Central to southern Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, eastern and northern Kenya, Somalia, south-western Ethiopia, western Rwanda, western Burundi, and western and southern Tanzania are likely to be moderate ranging between (20-32℃) with other parts of the region will likely to experience mild temperature conditions (less than 20℃).

Heavy to very heavy rains are, however, expected in the Darfur regions of Sudan and western Ethiopia.

ICPAC also predicts that moderate rainfall (50-200mm) is expected over southern Sudan, central and western South Sudan, western Ethiopia, western Eritrea and a few places in central Uganda.

And light rainfall across central Sudan, eastern South Sudan, central Ethiopia, parts of western Eritrea, most parts of Uganda, parts of central to western Kenya, and coastal regions of Tanzania, Kenya, and Somalia.

However, Rwanda, Burundi, western and southern Tanzania, eastern and northern Kenya, south-eastern Ethiopia into northern Somalia, and northern parts of Sudan will remain generally dry according to the forecast.

Southern Sudan, western Eritrea, northern and western Ethiopia, and a few regions in eastern and north-western South Sudan will highly receive wetter than usual conditions while drier than usual conditions are expected over south-western and north-eastern South Sudan, central Ethiopia, western Uganda, and parts of western Kenya.