By HENRY OWINO (Senior Science Correspondent)

World Press Clubs Alliance will be hosting for the first time ever, a 24 hour non-stop press conference on positive Climate Actions and Innovations across the globe. This is going to be the longest press conference ever held on earth consecutively in multiple locations around the globe.

The 24 hour non-stop press conference will be taking happening virtually on 23 October, 2020, the eve of Climate Action Day.  The kick-off is taking place with European Union (EU) officials at the Press Club Brussels, Europe just before midnight of the previous day.

The first press conference will be held at 11:00 local time at the National Press Club of New Zealand in Wellington( 12am –midnight, East Africa Time). The first introduction on climate innovations from New Zealand will be introduced by Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

One hour later, Vanuata will take over with a press conference from Port-Villa. From there, press conferences will follow in different time zones all along the 23 October at press clubs in Canberra, Tokyo, Seoul and many others in the global network of over 120 press clubs.

Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA) is leading other press clubs in Kenya. The association held its pre-conference last Friday, 16 October in Nairobi, Kenya. The pre-conference included EU delegation in Nairobi, County Government of Nakuru, Ministry of Environment, WWF and Equity Bank.

The KCA press conference recording contents will also be streamed live from Brussels together with similar actions on the very historical day.

Thomas Yatich from EU Embassy in Nairobi moderating the panel discussion at KCA Press Conference

The big press conference therefore will be attended in person or online by over 23,000 journalists affiliated with approximately 120 press clubs worldwide.  The other delegates include researchers and experts from the over 800 international organizations dealing with climate change and environmental challenges, public authorities, civil society actors, climate experts, interested people, business leaders and investors.

Each press conference will be live streamed to the WPC14C website. The video streams will remain accessible on the website after the event.

The topics of discussion include and not limited to energy, transport, health, waste, agriculture, food, tourism, pollution, soil, water, finance, urban development and other climate related subjects.

Each press conference would last one hour and will present one or several innovations. Online social media channels will allow interactive in real time with the debates and those presenting at the press conference.

Simon Mordue (in blue jacket), European Union Ambassador to Kenya with other panelists at KCA Press Conference

Attendance of this record-breaking 24 hour non-stop press conference is free of charge at participating press clubs or online via the free live streaming of each press conference.

By participating in one of the press conferences, participants will reach interested parties around the world. Potential clients, partners, endorsers, prescribers and investors who may be thousands of kilometers away following one’s presentation live from wherever they are.

Over 120 press clubs around the world are invited to partner with the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate as communication partners and media hubs. This means that any innovation is brought to the attention of their 23000 plus affiliated journalists.

Various presentations will reach people from other areas of expertise, needs and geographical locations who will be inspired by solutions or its possible adaptation to their realities and challenges. This greatly increases the potential impact and market potential of innovation.

Over 800 main international climate and environmental organizations around the world are invited to partner with the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate. Participants innovation reaches those actors that are working day in day out on the ground in need of practical solutions to face climate change and environmental challenges.

A minimum investment of one’s time and resources secures the attention of an interested audience worldwide who will see you as a reference and thought leader. There is no theoretical debates or doom and gloom speeches. The spotlight is on innovations and solutions that have demonstrated effectiveness in solving real climate related challenges.

Since mankind thrives under pressure, so it is likely to push people to use fabulous capacity for innovation and creativity. By stimulating collaboration and communication, new solutions can be replicated and implemented at unprecedented speed worldwide.

Plan is that every press conference will conclude with practical and concrete recommendations on how the positive impact of the presented solutions can be increased and replicated worldwide. For each conference the contact details of the presenting experts, innovators and solution providers will be given to facilitate direct contact and follow up.

This virtual conference will enables speakers, experts, panelists, journalists and participants not to travel around the world to meet at a single location. The decentralized multiple locations facilitate participation from around the world without the negative impact and pollution of long distance travel.

Remember the details of the discussion is embargoed until the big day when much information will be revealed to the public. Therefore, none should miss such a global record-breaking press conference on Climate Action.