In the next seven days, most parts of East Africa are likely to experience more than normal rainfall that is above (50-100mm), according to IGAD Climate Predictions and Applications Centre (ICPAC) weekly weather prediction.

These areas include southern Sudan, northern South Sudan, western and southern Ethiopia, central Somalia, Rwanda, few areas in southern Kenya, and northern Tanzania.

Although heavy to very heavy rainfall are expected over cross-border areas of Ethiopia and Somalia, and isolated areas in southern Kenya.

Other regions like most parts of Kenya, Uganda, southern South Sudan, south-eastern Tanzania, central Ethiopia, and northern Somalia are likely to experience below average rainfall.

ICPAC seven-day rainfall forecast for 3-10 May 2022

Additionally, warmer than normal temperatures ranging between 20-32 degrees Celsius are expected in most parts of Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, northern and southern parts of Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, much of Ethiopia, southern Uganda, and Tanzania.

Whereas relatively cold conditions with temperatures less than 20 degrees Celsius are expected in parts of central to northern Ethiopia, central to western Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, and few areas in central Tanzania, as parts of Sudan and north-eastern Ethiopia expected to be hot with temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius.

ICPAC seven-day temperature forecast for 3-10 May 2022 (1