By Saumu Juma

The Kenya Medical and Research Institute (KEMRI) is planning to host the 12th KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health (KASH) conference scheduled to begin on 16th-18th February next year.

The conference theme will be “Building a resilient health sector through investments in data science, research evidence, technology and innovations” and it will be supported by the following sub themes:

Strengthening Health Systems, Mental Health & Other Non-Communicable Diseases, Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics, Essential Sexual, Reproductive, Adolescents, Maternal, & Child Health, Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Prevention, Control and Elimination, Genomics, Diagnostics, Vaccine Developments, & Innovation and Climate Change and Zoonotonic.

The conference normally brings scientists across the world together to network and share their research findings with their peers, students, sponsors, collaborators, development partners and policy makers.

The interaction helps in creating an enabling environment to science by making sure that there are sustainable policies to support scientists in their projects as funding has always been a challenge to many of them.

Young people will also attend to show case their projects which may attract investors and donors who may fund the project and boost innovation in the country as many young people have ideas but lack platforms to present them.

The 12th conference will be held both physically and virtually as opposed to this year which was only virtual as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

KASH was launched in 2011 with the mission to: mainstream the scientific and health agenda of KEMRI by Dissemination, sharing and digesting various scientific outputs and other allied products including networking and strengthening Partnerships and collaborations with view to improving on health and quality of life.