By Mary Hearty

A knowledge management platform, aimed at promoting better healthcare through evidence-informed decision making has been launched in Kenya, dubbed Cochrane Kenya.

During the launch which took place at the 11th Kenya Medical Research Institute( KEMRI)’s annual scientific and health (KASH) Conference, Prof Jennifer Orwa, Deputy Director, Resource Development and Knowledge Management said: “KEMRI envisions that Cochrane Kenya will assist scientists in the institute to promote better healthcare in the country through informed decision making in health with very high quality, relevant, accessible and up to date synthesized research.”

Prof Elijah Songok, Director, Research Capacity Building on behalf of Prof Samuel Kariuki, KEMRI CEO noted that KEMRI is delighted to host Cochrane Kenya as it will compliment efforts as input to mould research evidence in decision making among various stakeholders in Kenya including the Ministry of Health, the NGOs and County governments.

“Scientific- based evidence is key in informing healthcare decision making. This will ensure international interventions and improving human health outcomes which is in line with the institute’s motto: In Search of Better Health,” he said.

“The institution is committed to support Cochrane Kenya in KEMRI but not limited to providing the infrastructure including the offices and internet, capacity building, training for Cochrane Kenya, providing dissemination channels, assisting in resource mobilization. We are also committed to supporting linkages and collaborations with universities and other institutions nationally and internationally.”

Dr Daniel M. Mbinda, KEMRI Board of Management, lauded KEMRI for partnering with Cochrane in furthering research for improvement of human health in Kenya.

He said: “I hope that this this the beginning of a new humble partnership to enhance research and knowledge management and translation in Kenya and African region.”

The centre was officially registered in Kenya in February 2021, and pioneered by a few members of the scientific group who had the mission to advocate for evidence informed decision making in healthcare in Kenya and in East Africa.