A scientist who helped coordinate Liberia’s Ebola response and founded the nonprofit Refuge Place International, has been appointed to the 1Day Sooner Board of Directors, where he will continue to advocate for vaccine equity and African scientific research independence.

Dr. Mosoka Fallah recently wrote an impassioned article calling for wealthy countries to develop a plan to deliver more vaccines to Africa, which has struggled to access vaccines after large purchases by wealthier countries.

Dr. Mosoka Fallah

The article was published in Nature, one of the world’s foremost scientific publications. As Dr. Fallah points out, wealthier countries have a surplus of vaccines while African nations are struggling to access vaccines for their populations. Wealthy nations have largely failed to step up so far, but the Marshall Plan demonstrates a blueprint to help others recover and rebuild.

These activities come on the heels of a congressional briefing on vaccine equity, at which Dr. Fallah was one of three scientists invited to speak to US congressional staff about access to vaccines in low- and middle-income countries and vaccine distribution timelines.

Dr. Fallah is also a signatory on the open letter to the WHO, calling on the WHO to put several ethical standards for future pandemics to a vote in the November meeting of the World Health Assembly. The details of the letter are still in progress; an initial version can be found on the 1Day Africa website.

1Day Sooner is a non-profit organization advocating for people who want to participate in high-risk, high-reward medical trials, including COVID-19 challenge trials.

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