By Atieno Mboya  Health Correspondent)

A team of medical researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) have discovered a new form of inhalable TB treatment.

The treatment, which requires a patient to use an inhaler, works by reducing the TB-causing bacteria inside the lungs, curbs lung damage and boosts the patient’s immune system in fighting the infection.

According to Prof. Sally Ann Cryan, the senior author of the study on the TB inhalable treatment, the treatment can be used alongside other antibiotics and provide a solution to the drug resistance that has developed over the years.

 “Many cases of TB are now becoming resistant to existing antibiotics. This treatment could possibly reduce the rate of antibiotic resistance resulting from conventional antibiotic treatments,” said Cryan.

 While TB is ranked as among the top ten causes of deaths worldwide, there remains a huge gap in using vaccinations against the disease, without the threat of resistance to the drugs.