Science Africa has the professional and technical capacities to provide a variety of communication services in Africa. We are a science and development support communication consultancy company with strong emphasis on agriculture, climate change adaptation and mitigation, food security, rural development, environment, health, industrialization and R&D leading to innovations. Apart our databank of highly credible science journalists in Africa, we have the expertise to undertake the following services.

  • Strategic Communications
  • Communications and media training
  • Media relations and publicity
  •  Policy Briefs
  • Prompt Press Releases
  • Development communications
  • Communications campaigns (including IEC-Information, Education and Communication-and BCC-Behavior Change Communication)
  • Crises/risk communications
  • Development of strategic plans and communication strategies
  • Production (Print and audio-visual)
  • Project design and implementation
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Science News Service (SciNews)
  • ScienceAfrica- science newspaper
  • Editorial (writing, editing and proofreading)
  • Communications research
  • Supplements
  • Popularization of science culture in Africa
  • Advertising

Publication Production Management

We also have the capacity to produce for audio-visual productions. Over the years, our experts have written, produced and contributed to the following publications, including books, newsletters, posters, booklets etc. Some of the recent reports we have produced include:

  • Six International Media Women Foundation Maisha Yetu media training workshop reports
  • Biotechnology Risk Communications report
  • Five Open Forum for Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) reports
  • ABSF/ISAAA workshop reports on biotechnology (published)
  • ASADI Conference proceedings (already published by the committee)
  • Workshop on Water Hyacinth (won IFAD food security award)
  • East African Media Workshop on Effective Science Reporting Workshop organized by AATF, CIMMYT and Science Africa.
  • Africa-wide media training workshop on effective reporting of science, technology and innovation organized by African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)

Editorial Support Services

Science Africa has a team of an accomplished editors and writers who undertake regular writing, rapporteuring, editing and proofreading assignments for various clients. One of our lead consultants, Mr. Otula Owuor is a renowned science writer and editor who started working with the Nation Media Group as a science writer, senior writer and reporter and rose to become the Groups first science editor and helped initiate its first weekly science magazine HORIZON.

He is behind successful science journalists mentoring and training in Kenya and beyond. It includes “Maisha Yetu’- by Washington based international Women Media Foundationand funded by Gates Foundation-  which helped major media houses- especially NATION and STANDARD- improve health coverage and ended in the publication “Writing for Our Lives.”

He is the Patron of Kenya’s MESHA (Media for Environment, Science, Health, and Agriculture) apart from being a pioneering key member of African Federation of Science Journalists and WFSJ. He has been a media consultant, writer, facilitator and trainer for major organizations and institutions including United Nations Environment Programme, UNAIDS, World Health Organization(WHO), WFSJ, INTERNEWS, Kenya Meteorological Department, Igad Climate Prediction and Adaptation Centre(ICPAC), African Union(AU), Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research(CGIAR) and others.  – see attached CVs.


Science Africa is a full-fledged media production house. Our flagship publication is ScienceAfrica, a bi-monthly science newspaper. It is online at the World Federation of Science Journalists (
Over the years, our experts have written, produced and contributed to Reports, publications, including books, newsletters, posters, booklets etc. Some of the main reports we have produced include Six International Women Media Foundation (IWMF) Maisha Yetu media training workshop reports.

IWMF pioneered hands-on health reporting for journalists in major Kenyan media houses. Science Africa’s Otula Owuor was the lead trainer/Consultant. The programme which focused on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria resulted in the book Writing for Our Lives

ScienceAfrica also have the capacity to produce audio-visuals. In the recent past, we have in collaboration with sponsoring organizations produced documentaries on Impact of climate change in the horn of Africa for CGIAR research programme on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS); Role of Biotechnology for Africa’s development for ABSF


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  • Farm Management System
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  • Hospital Control System

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