The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is promoting a “Blue Deal” for global trade, investment and innovation at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference taking place from 27 June to 1 July in Lisbon.

A “Blue Deal” for a sustainable and resilient ocean economy that benefits everyone will support an inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and help cushion the world against current and future crises.

UNCTAD is calling for sufficient and reliable long-term investment in the “Blue Deal” to conserve and sustainably use the ocean for sustainable development.

The ocean is the next great economic frontier as it holds potential for wealth and economic growth, employment and innovation.

The ocean’s resources provide food, jobs and income for almost 3 billion people, most of whom live in developing countries. But these resources and opportunities are under threat and their protection is underfunded.

UNCTAD is supporting countries to tackle challenges such as plastic pollution, unsustainable fishing and the carbon intensity of maritime transport to ensure a sustainable ocean economy.

UNCTAD experts participating in the 2022 UN Ocean Conference are available for media interviews on the opportunities presented by the ocean economy and other topics in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.