By Gift Briton

World leaders have been urged to take action against climate change now as further delay will render the actions ineffective.

“The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reminds us that we cannot afford to waste another moment debating the merits of doing something vis-a-vis doing nothing. It will soon be too late to reverse the course of events, and then, even the best possible interventions will not suffice,” Kenya’s President, William Ruto said during the 77th United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) session.

“As leaders, every day is an opportunity to expedite our efforts to confront the triple planetary crisis.”

President Ruto noted that climate change is among the conventional threats exerting immense pressure and posing grave threat to the wellbeing of humanity demanding immediate action. For instance, in the horn of Africa, severe drought and disruption of supply chains in the region and beyond due to the climate change, Covid-19 pandemic as well as the Russia Ukraine conflict, have left millions of people food insecure.

“Severe drought has affected not only the Horn of Africa and the Sahel regions, but continues to devastate many others, including in Asia, Europe and the Americas. If for no other reason, the fact that we are in this together must strengthen the case for concerted efforts across the continents,” he said.

President Ruto called on Member States and all relevant stakeholders to demonstrate strong political will and showcase effective cooperation by supporting the most affected countries financially, as well as through sharing land restoration and climate adaptation technologies. It is through collaborations to expand inclusion that we can attain a new paradigm in multilateralism.

He also noted with deep concern that little progress has been made regarding the agreement made during the Stockholm+50 meeting on the need for immediate action in addressing environmental impacts.

“If indeed forewarned is forearmed, this is our opportunity to mobilize with tremendous urgency and take action at once,” President Ruto emphasized.