By Sharon Atieno

As putting on masks has become one of the necessary measures taken up by the Kenyan government in curbing the spread of coronavirus, efforts by students from Murang’a University of Technology to make masks for the general public and surgical masks for health workers have been commended.

This sentiment was expressed by Amb. Simon Nabukwesi, the Permanent Secretary for University Education and Research, during the handing over of these equipment.

“I wish to acknowledge the efforts of the university in this venture and encourage the students to engage in more research and innovations to help our country to be self reliant in matters technology,” he said.

This initiative comes at a time, when the number of COVID-19 infection in the country has risen to over 350 with new cases being as a result of local transmissions.

 Universities across the country have embarked on different initiatives to aid in the fight against coronavirus with Murang’a University also having an order to make outfit recommended for use by medics in direct contact with COVID- 19 patients while Kenyatta University and Nairobi University are engaged in the production of prototype ventilators.

Amb. Nabukwesi despite recognizing these efforts noted that the institutions of higher learning are a force to reckon with, hence worth investing into.