The Covid-19 cases globally show that there are 94,963,847 confirmed cases including 2,050,857 deaths. This is according to World Health Organization (WHO) report as by 20 January, 2021.

The number could go higher as days go by depending on Covid-19 protocol adherence in various countries. wearing of facemasks, sanitizing, social distance among other new normal lifestyle.

As per the WHO report statistics, USA has the highest cases at 42,184,253 followed by Europe 31,157,396 then South East Asia with 12,537,911.

Eastern Mediterranean reported 5,408, 924 while Africa recorded 2,373,037 and Western Pacific registering 1,301 581 cases.

In Africa, South Africa had a higher number of cases compared to the rest of the African countries at 1,356 716 cases with 38 288 deaths.

Just to mention a few other countries in Africa, Kenya had 99,308 cases with 1734 deaths, Uganda 38,534 cases with 305 deaths while Tanzania with 509 cases with 21 deaths.

Other countries such as Ethiopia registered 131,727 cases with 2037 deaths, Rwanda 11,548 cases with 148 deaths , Burundi recorded 1322 cases with 2deaths, South Sudan had 3762 cases with 63 deaths, Sudan 27,494 cases with 1657 deaths.

Morocco 461,390 with 8011 deaths, DRC 21,139 with 640 deaths.  Mozambique 28,270 cases with 253 deaths among many.

More information concerning this report can be found on WHO dashboard at: